Freedom is being able to pick up and go on a whim

The 1 Night Stand bag is the only bag you need for your motorcycle adventures. The bag is compact enough to fit in any motorcycle case. You can also easily strap it onto your seat or sissy bar. The 1 Night Stand is a permanent resident in our motorcycle side cases.  It's always good to know that we always have a crash pad for the night.

Keep it in the same spot in your garage and just add a couple of t-shirts and your toothbrush when you are ready to go. Think about the open road ahead and less about preparing for your next trip.

Your nights of looking for a dingy motel can now be spent looking for a nice flat spot to lay out your tent. Leave the TV off and listen to some crickets.
— Morgan Gales at

Please note that the World Tour and the World Tour Kit is not included in the price of your 1 Night Stand!

What's in it?

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We ride, and we camp, we tested and selected products that make sense in both quality and price. We research this kit and picked products that we would take on a ride. 

Sleeping Bag:  Snugpak Softie Elite. If it is good enough for the military it is good for us. With a temperature rating of 45°F / 36°F (7°C / 2°C) it is the right companion for most of your late spring/summer and part of the fall (depending on where you ride) motorcycle camping need. One of the coolest features about this bag is its reflective material that adds to the warmth of the bag. We especially love the expandable panel for those of us who are on the chubbier side of life.

Mat: The Multimat is as compact as it is comfortable. It's easy to inflate and deflate. Most importantly, it stays inflated when needed. It also happens to be orange and gray, Hugo Moto's colors. Here is the nitty gritty:
- Length: 72" 
- Width: 20" 
- Thickness: 1" 
- Weight: 23 oz. 
- Pack Size: 10.5" x 5" 
- Temperature Rating: -4F to 122F

Mat supplied with stuff sack matching upper fabric, retaining bands & repair kit 

Shelter:  We included two Stasha from Snugpak. Having used these for a while now, we love their versatility.  You can tie one to your bike to create a shelter and stake the other one as a floor to prevent moisture from getting into your sleeping bag. Also on rainy nights just fold the one on the floor in half and snap it close to use it as a bivvy bag. They come with all sort of small ropes to tieit to a tree, or a cactus ( at your own risks) to make the perfect shelter.

Mosquito net:  Well, we live in Florida, and these damn things are everywhere at sunset. We added a no frill mosquito and no-see-um net; we hang it from the clutch lever to cover our face and arms when the suckers are out. 

Light: Everyone needs an extra light. We tossed in an NDR 350 lumen LED light. It has a glass breaker on the handle. Why may you ask? Well, we are sure you will find a use for it.

Survival Tin: A pretty useful add on and a good thing  to have around on any adventure.  You'll find 13 tools in a sardine box!Sounds like a dream come true right? Included is a small knife, fire steel and candle, and many other useful gadgets .

Want a fully closed shelter instead? Head over to the Hugo2go shop and find a solution that works for you!