Cheesy Glimpse Into The Future? Kawasaki Releases AI Concept Video

Artificial Intelligence is a big word, somewhat scary. The first thing that comes to mind is the Terminator, although Kawa's version is more like Kit from Knight Rider. Do we really want all that AI inside our bikes? Honestly, I don't feel overly excited about it. Especially after seeing the video from Kawasaki. Don't get me wrong, we like Kawasaki bikes here at Hugo Moto, although we are biased towards Harleys.  Let's take a closer look at the Kawasaki team vision of the future of motorcycling.

Better User Interface

Looking at all the new bikes, especially the Euro and Japanese we are starting to see a lot of electronically adjustable suspensions and traction control creating a plethora of riding modes.  Modes come with a ton of clunky buttons that leads to several menu and sub menu on your machines. Kawasaki underline the substantial advantage of AI here. You can talk to your bike and set it up exactly how you want on a whim. Assuming your AI is better at understanding you than SIRI.

Siri fails and fails again.

Siri fails and fails again.

More Safety

Kawasaki gives us an example where the bike tells you about the weather ahead, alright that is handy. Earlier in the video, in a surprising nonchalant voice, the AI tells you to beware of the vehicle ahead that you missed and causes a significant threat to your life.  It is all fine and dandy, but the transition to where the entire auto-moto system is connected will take time. A good thing really as we still like to ride our zero technology bikes and hope to be able to ride them for a while longer.

Call us nostalgic but it is fun to ride a simple moto once in a while.  Toni Spurzem in 1956 source Wikicommons

Call us nostalgic but it is fun to ride a simple moto once in a while. 

Toni Spurzem in 1956 source Wikicommons

More Interactions

This is where the video takes a turn for the worse. I do not want my bike to be chit chat with me constantly. Also, the video hints at the bike ability to generate content that can be shared. It all sounds like the really good bad idea. The thought of the bike connecting to say Facebook is where it goes all wrong . Do we need yet another machine connected to the user generated content madness that the world has become already? I want to keep my throttle time to myself. If you have an urge to share take a GoPro and do it the good ole' fashion way. And Kawasaki AI, I dare you to text my son that I have not had yet behind my back.

See for yourself

Kawasaki and SoftBank are moving forward with plans to develop next-generation motorcycles that have a personality and can grow along with the rider. The motorcycles will make use of ICT (Information and Communications Technology), including AI (Artificial Intelligence), to achieve this goal. Here is evidence of the first steps in this project.

Source: Kawasaki