Top 5 Motorcycle Documentaries to Watch on Amazon This Week End

When we are not riding, we watch documentary films about riding. We are getting a lot of bang for our bucks with Amazon prime as most of the great films are available included with Prime.

1. Our first recommendation is the recently released Isle of Man TT by Studiokippenberger about the world renown and brutal Isle of man race. Take part in one of the most dangerous race in the world while enjoying a sip of whiskey in your plush sofa.

2. The Endless Summer (1971) version of the motorcycle world, the forever classic Bruce Brown's On Any Sunday is a must watch and you know it. Steve Mc Queen racing, what else do you want?

3. Hitting the Apex (2015). Honestly we did not see that one, but it came highly recommended from a friend, and my fiancé won't mind that I watch it since good ole Brad Pitt is narrating.

4. 6Over some good ole piece of Americana. Beers, beards, choppers and tats, great laughs around what we love. An instant classic.

5. "Why We Ride" is a beautifully crafted piece of documentary film, a must watch. It is the United Color of Benetton version of documentaries. Regrouping all riders, gender,race, age and machine in one lovely place of motorcycle heaven.

Nicolas Danan