Forget About Flat Track Dirt Quake USA Is Where It's At!

We first heard about this mad race last year thanks to the good folks at SEE SEE Motor Coffee co. in Portland Oregon.  They are partly responsible for importing this lovely and outrageously fun to  watch race, from the U.K.

Dirt Quake is kind of like Fight Club for motorcycles, the first rule is that there is not really any rules. You take whatever you deemed fit to race on a dirt, Flattrack like circuit and you race it, yes a snowmobile qualifies. A video is worth a billion words. Feast your eyes on the fun. 2017 Dirt Quake should be sometime in mid-July in Castle Rock Raceway, WA. One thing is sure Hugo Moto will be there.

More about Dirt Quake here

Carry on!

Nicolas Danan