Back From Daytona 2017

Daytona bike week is always good times for us three at Hugo Moto. First it is only three hours away from our garage in Fort Lauderdale, second, it is always a great place to catch up with old friends and meet new ones. This year we hung out at destination Daytona with our friends at Yelvington USA the manufacturer of a clever reverse for Harley baggers. Their machine shop in Tampa, FL also happens to be the place where 80 percent of the World Tour kit is manufactured. There is a plaque in their shop with an American flag and the words "Made where it matters" and we like that.

Great fun at Daytona bike week 2017 watching the hooligan racing.

Then we hooked up with Jason Paul Michaels from Standard Motorcycle Co. and the no-need-to-introduce Leticia Cline. Both of them were racing in the Hooligan race at the Ocean Center on Daytona's beach. That was fun to watch, both of them are passionate, they live and breathe motorcycles. In the pits, we met with S&S marketing manager Patrick Garvin who got himself a nasty belly bruise as he and many other riders wiped out sliding on coolant fluid on the track.

The next day we hung out with the Fox Shocks team. We met Ian their talented passionate young engineer, Vittorio a Scottish Italian ( a good mix we thought!) guy and his manager.  We also met Jason their marketing leader. We had a blast talking about off road adventures, motorcycles and the joy we all get from them.  They really got the World Tour and what it stood for.  We were stoked when Jason said "It looked like an OEM scrambler/adv bike!" especially since he rides a dual Sporty.

What a blast watching the first edition of Sons Of Speed vintage racing at Daytona bike week this year

We saw a bunch of races but the most awesome one was the first Sons Of Speed vintage race. We recommend you google it and come to see the second round at Biketober fest in Daytona later this year. Probably inspired by the TV show Harley and the Davidsons, racer Billy Lane decided to bring back bikes from 1915 to 1920 and resurrected the mad race with no brakes that Harley-Davidson decides to withdraw from in the show as it is "too dangerous".

Talented Britney Olson and her 1923 rebuilt HD engine won. She was flying on the track, her bike sounded so good.  One thing is sure we are hooked!n We will be back for more later this year.

Parting shots, the cool bikes we saw and the weird one, we leave it to you to figure out which is which!