Happy 4th and a Quick Brag!

90% of the World Tour kit is made right here in the U.S.A.

90% of the World Tour kit is made right here in the U.S.A.

Is that grill of yours all cleaned up yet?

Tomorrow is time for fireworks with family and friends to celebrate the independence of the 13 colonies from the British Empire. It is an important day to remember and a perfect time to celebrate this beautiful and free country. At Hugo Moto it is also the time to brag about the fact that 90% of the World Tour kit is Made In America*. From exhaust to relocation plate, CNC shift pedal and skid plate it is all made right here in Florida. The wheels come from the best manufacturer in the industry: Buchana's in California.

We could not slap just any hardware on Harley-Davidson iconic Sportster. We had to do it right and collaborated with machine shops and hard workers from the homeland. In a time where most motorcycle manufacturers are going overseas to scale faster and get the price down, we went the other direction.

When we call a motorcycle Scrambler or Adventure bike we mean business. The ergonomics, the suspension down to the wheels and tires have been carefully tested and designed by pro riders. We listened to feedback and improved each part of the kit, so your ride is guaranteed to give you smiles for miles or your money back.

Happy 4th from all of us at Hugo Moto!



*the suspension is made in France by EMC