2018 Wide Open

If 2017 had to be summarized in one sentence it would be the one from Big Chris in  Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels.

New Partnerships

Where are we at? The first few kits got delivered. Some in Cali some in Florida. Right now we have a batch cooking at TGS precision our official partner and manufacturer. Not only are these guys a Tier 1 manufacturer but guess what? They ride motorcycles, so they get us. Add to this the manufacturing plant is close to some of the absolute best on and off-road riding in Tenessee well let's just say it was love at first sight!

Captain America

New year, new World Tour in our fleet. If you follow us on Instagram you have seen the Clockwork Orange the first bike a solid mount, then came the now famous Turquoister, and our Black Dragon Scrambler, a collaboration with Smoky Mountain Harley Davidson.[drumroll] Please welcome the "Captain America" a badass rubber mount from 2007! This sweet ride is setup with our experimental handlebar (more on this soon) and a 17 'rear/19' front setup.

Captain America


This month we are attending the Dania Beach Vintage Moto Show, come and see us we will be hanging with our friends from Rusted Rocket Garage and Imperial Moto.

We have a few events in the pipeline and will be updating our blog weekly from now on to keep you guys in the loop. Thanks for your awesome support.

The Band @hugomoto.