Goodbye Solid Mount See You Soon!

In a Startup like Hugo Moto, we are in a perpetual state of fight or flight; things are in constant motion, and so are our products. As you have probably noticed lately we have a slew of new accessories like the Donny luggage rack and the seat riser. The high fender kit is coming!

We also have been sold out of solid mount scrambler kits for H-D Sportster.

Even though we love the carburated solid mount Sporty, we have to make a pause in production as the rubber mount kit dominates our sales and we do not have the capacity yet to maintain stock on both kits.

The good news is that the solid mount kit will be back in special edition products like the HD2 Enduro kit and we should see a limited run of solid mount kits coming back to the store in the spring. Make sure you are signed up for our newsletter to be amongst the first to know when.

The rubber mount kit we have in stock right now cover H-D Sportster from 2004 to today which should still leave you with plenty of donor bikes to find for your build.

We also have a lot of cool new kits in the pipeline, some limited editions and some here to stay like our street tracker coming soon!

Thanks for your incredible support this year! Talk soon.

Nico Danan

Founder & CEO.