Hugo Moto + Klim

We are excited to announce a great collaborative branding partnership with Klim, the global leader in technical riding gear. The Hugo Moto team will now wear and promote Klim’s 626 line while providing market exposure and feedback.

“Our builds are high-performance but definitely have a retro vibe,” Said Nico Danan, Hugo Moto Founder and CEO. “As serious riders and racers, we’re long-time fans of Klim and understand the value of technical riding gear but - like our customers - we don’t  want to look like we’re racing the Dakar Rally when we’re riding our scramblers. Klim has nailed the balance between subtle styling and functionality with the 626 line. We’re looking forward to a long, comfortable riding season wearing Klim gear.”

“The Hugo Moto crew really gets where Klim is going with the 626 product line. They understand our markets. We’re excited to have them on board promoting our products,” said Mark Kincart, Klim Motorcycle Promotions Manager.

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