Scrambler Kit

The Three Stages Of Off-road Enlightenment

Stage 1: Mini Kit

Your Sportster gets the correct ergonomics to tackle the dirt and a much needed high pipe. The relo peg kit + the Dude skid plate tandem will drastically change both the capability and the look of your ride. You can always upgrade suspension, do a chain conversion and add off-road premium wheels later.

Stage 2: The  Right Compromise

Your Sportster gets the stage 1 treatment plus suspension which is critical to tackling serious off-road situations while providing you with a ton more comfort and control while riding on the road.  Same thing here you can get a chan conversion and the add off-road premium wheels later.

Stage 3: The Whole Enchilada

Your Sportster gets the full Scrambling treatment. Stage 1 plus Stage 2 while adding the wheels and the chain conversion kit which will allow you to tackle any off-road condition from mud to sand! The next size up from Scrambler Stage 3 is the Scrambler LT. It is an even more competent overlander with tons of ground clearance and a custom racing suspension up to the highest standards.

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