Scrambler Kit

The Three Stages Of Off-road Enlightenment

Stage 1: The Foundation

Give your Sportster the correct ergonomics to tackle the dirt and high pipes that are up out of harm's way. The Peg Relocation Kit (PRK) + the Dude skid plate and high pipes will drastically change both the capability and the look of your ride. What’s in the Peg Relocation Kit?
Actually, a whole bunch of stuff! We thought about calling it the “Foot Peg / Brake Pedal / Shifter Relo plus Kick Stand plus Chain Tensioner Kit,” but that doesn’t exactly roll off of the tongue. The skid plate is not included, but it is designed to integrate seamlessly with the PRK.


Need suspension, too? Step up to Stage 2!

Stage 2: Meeting in the Middle

Turn your Sporty in to a gravel-eating machine by adding suspension to the  Stage 1 peg relo, skid plate and exhaust system. We partnered with FOX and Traxxion Dynamics to bring you the ultimate scrambler shock and fork kit. Boosts travel to 5" in the back and 5.5" up front. 

Our Scrambler stage 2 LT (Long Travel) Kit ups the ante with 7" travel front and rear for the ultimate off-road Sporty build. 

Don't forget to add a chain kit for more serious off-road adventures.

 Stage 3: The Whole Enchilada

Coming soon! Give your Sportster the full Scrambler treatment with all of the parts from Stage 1 and Stage 2 while adding our chain conversion kit and Kenda big block tires for your OEM wheels.

Want tubeless steel spoke wheel rear 18" and 19" or 21" front? Check out KCint

Want the ultimate light aluminum adventure wheels? go fully custom with Kineo custom wheels