Built By You

At Hugo Moto we came up with an ingenious bolt-on kit that transforms a Harley-Davidson Sportster into a serious adventure machine. With almost a foot of clearance and a high performance suspension package from the racing team at EMC shocks, The World Tour outfited Sportster can tackle the most challenging terrain while still keeping its minimalist, yet comfy touring machine pedigree.


Custom Shox

EMC is French for high quality  with a particularly high attention to details shocks. EMC France has been the French 2016 Promosport 600/500 (Think Moto2) champion and has been a constant leader in Moto and competition cars in Europe for years.  EMC is part of the secret weapon that turns the HD Sportster into a real adventure machine: The World Tour.


Ergo Done The Right Way

We spent a year of testing, developing, and prototyping the right parts to transform the ergonomics of the most respectable light cruiser from Harley Davidson into a stylishly simple yet efficient adventure motorcycle. The peg repositioning setup which is part of the World Tour kit is a simple but very thought after solution to empower the rider  to tackle off road situation with ease.


Do It Yourself

 In a world where everything comes prepackaged from technology to cooked food, we thought it was crucial to reconnect with what a motorcycle truely is.  We designed the kit so it is fully bolt on, meaning all you need is a few wrenches and some elbow grease. Need help? we are here  with Forums, Youtube videos and we hope a growing community of wrenchers!

Find your donor bike now!

We recommend the Harley-Davidson Sportster Super Low 1200 as it has a bigger tank.

Black Dragon Scrambler Kit Preview AIMExpo ' 17


The Band

Hugo Moto is a motley crew of dreamers, engineer extraordinaire, businessmen and marketeers. We all love riding motorcycles on and off road.

Nico (1).jpeg

Nico Danan/ President, Co-Founder

Nico is a storyteller, with fifteen years of experience building online communities and working on digital storytelling projects, he earned his skill set working for online magazines and top startups in the silicon valley. Nico got the motorcycle bug when his dad put him on a Yamaha YSR 50 CC at age 10, since then he has roamed the U.S. on two wheels and is always thinking about the next trip.


Jason Smith/ Director of Business Development, Partner

Jason rolls dirty. He started on BMX as a kid and graduated to motocross racing as a teenager. Funny story, he raced the same Kawa 500 KX in the U.S. that Christian raced in the Sahara back in 1987. Jason is a seasoned sales, marketing and business development expert with 20+ years experience working with top companies like Fox Racing Shox and Warn industries. 


Christian Travert/ Director of R&D, Co-Founder

Christian is a master in his craft of design built. He engineered, designed and manufactured many unique vehicles. Most notably custom bikes with helicopter turbines acquired by Hollywood stars like Jay Leno. He also manufactured and sold the successful Travertson Vrex motorcycle to hundreds of riders around the globe. Christian brings more than thirty-five years of experience in designing and manufacturing motorcycles in the U.S. and Europe. His unique talent as a builder comes from years of experience as a rally pro rider in Europe and Africa.


Chris Danan/ Advisor, Co-Founder

Chris is a veteran business leader with a unique talent for sales and product development. Chris brings over 40 years of experience in leadership and sales working in the aircraft and defense industry. With a few cross country motorcycle trips under his belt, Chris is a serious rider and is always our designated test pilot for prototypes catered to the Harley market. At age 16 in the mid-1960's Chris was the youngest pilot in France. His head was always in the clouds until he landed his first Harley Fat Boy many years ago. Since then he has logged almost as many hours on the saddle as he had in the sky.


Luca Bar/ Designer Consultant

Luca is a speed devil, with an addiction for Alpine twisties. Luca graduated in 2004 from the prestigious Turin Polytechnic with a bachelor in industrial design with a double major in Eco Design. But as Luca’s young daughter puts it “Dad draws motorbikes." It summarizes only lightly the unique skill set Luca possess. As the head of design at Hugo Moto, Luca collaborates closely with Christian on design and engineering. Luca is a highly talented designer but what sets him apart is his unique capacity to understand how to combine efficiently form, function and the reality of manufacturing.

The Trail is Calling