No Road? World Tour Adventure Kit. 

A rather ingenious bolt-on kit that transforms a Harley-Davidson Sportster into a serious Adventure machine. With almost a foot of clearance and a high performance suspension package from the racing team at EMC shocks, The World Tour Sportster can tackle the most challenging terrain while still keeping its minimalist, yet comfy touring machine pedigree.

EMC Custom Shocks

EMC is French for high quality  with a particularly high attention to details shocks. EMC France has been the French 2016 Promosport 600/500 (Think Moto2/Moto GP) champion and has been a constant leader in Moto and competition cars in Europe for years.  EMC is part of the secret weapon that turns the HD Sportster into a real adventure machine: The World Tour.


 Adventure Ergonomics

We spent a year of testing, developing, and prototyping the right parts to transform the ergonomics of the most respectable light cruiser from Harley Davidson into a stylishly simple yet efficient adventure motorcycle. The peg repositioning setup which is part of the World Tour kit is a simple but very thought after solution to empower the rider  to tackle off road situation with ease.


Do It Yourself 

 In a world where everything comes prepackaged from technology to cooked food, we thought it was crucial to reconnect with what a motorcycle truely is.  We designed the kit so it is fully bolt on, meaning all you need is a few wrenches and some elbow grease. Need help? we are here  with Forums, Youtube videos and we hope a growing community of wrenchers!


The Trail is Calling

Let's Get Lost!

It started in the dirt at a young age. The moment wide open spaces offered themselves to our throttle; we just had to open it up all the way. One could argue, going slow to reach far is the other side of fun in the adventure riding. We remember even smiling as we discovered we got lost. Getting lost might feel unsettling at first, but when you let go you are in for an incredible human adventure. You see we don't believe we need to go to Mars to feel that we have lived a full life. All we need is right here on earth: miles of dirt roads, dust, open spaces, starry nights with no roof overhead. What keeps giggles in our helmets is the sweet murmur of our Harley-Davidson Sportster exhaust saying:

"let's go, let's go , let's go"