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We are back from Sturgis and let me tell you it was quite the journey. I could write a long blog post explaining how on earth we ended up hooliganing the super hooligan race with our buddy Josh Owen but our good friend Morgan over at Motorcycle Cruiser did a way better job than I could ever do. Check it out right here: Moonshiner Josh Goes Super Hooligan

As for the nitty gritty Josh ended up second, we worked out a few kinks for the tracker kit and even brought some improvement to our Scrambler kit in the process. We are working on a new front fork suspension kit that should work wonders on all Sporties!

Super Hooligan Racing Buffalo Chip 2017 & Free Schwag!


If you follow us on Instagram you have an idea of what we have been up to lately. We partnered up with a motley crew of motorcycle lovers and built the first Hugo Moto tracker for Discovery channel Moonshiner Josh to race at the RSD Super Hooligan at the Buffalo chip in Sturgis on Wednesday, August 9th. We had a blast working on this project with Matt Harris from 40 Cal Customs and Carl Pusser from Walking Tall cycles, here is our beast:


We are so happy with the result that we have a tracker kit in the pipeline. We are currently working out some details but keep your eyes open for the Hugo Moto bolt-on Moonshiner Tracker kit!

Also, we have a giveaway going on Wednesday stay tuned!

Last but not least we'd like to give a big shout out to Josh our favorite Moonshiner and our awesome sponsors Sena, Biltwell, Dunlop, Bell, Fly Racing, Fox Racing Shox!!!

If you are attending Sturgis this year come and see Josh race on Wednesday 9th at the buffalo chip 4 pm to 7 pm.

Come Out And Play: Tenessee Scramblin' + New Advisor!

Jason brings 20 + years of Motorsport Industry experience to the Hugo Moto Team.

Jason brings 20 + years of Motorsport Industry experience to the Hugo Moto Team.

Black Dragon +Hugo Moto Scramble

Life in a startup is intense, there is this constant state of fight or flight. It is a blast.  We have been grinding, literally, but we also always find a way to play hard. Scott Maddux and the awesome Black Dragon team at Smoky Mountain Harley-Davidson invited us (Christian, Morgan Gales from Cruiser and Baggers, Jason Smith our new advisor and myself) for a memorable scramble in their incredible and beautiful Appalachian backyard. Here is what Happened: We rode, we crashed, bruised some, partied at the Shed, bent some iron and bent it back. We had fun.

Travel Gravel.

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Jason Smith has joined the band as an advisor!

Jason currently works at Superwinch as the consumer sales director, he worked at FOX shocks for a few years as a sales manager. Jason has gasoline running through his veins and his driveway is covered with knobbies tire marks leading to the coolest garage.  He has more than one bike which we find reassuring.

We are so happy to welcome yet another passionate rider to the team. Thanks to Jason we met several other passionate riders like Josh from the Moonshiners show on Discovery Channel.  Josh will race his Hugo Motoed HD Sporty during the RSD super hooligan race at the Buffalo Chip in Sturgis this year. Keep your eyes on our social media platforms especially Instagram for more surprise and giveaways. Sturgis here we come.

Stay Dirty My Friends!

Nico & The Motley Crew at Hugo Moto

Happy 4th and a Quick Brag!

90% of the World Tour kit is made right here in the U.S.A.

90% of the World Tour kit is made right here in the U.S.A.

Is that grill of yours all cleaned up yet?

Tomorrow is time for fireworks with family and friends to celebrate the independence of the 13 colonies from the British Empire. It is an important day to remember and a perfect time to celebrate this beautiful and free country. At Hugo Moto it is also the time to brag about the fact that 90% of the World Tour kit is Made In America*. From exhaust to relocation plate, CNC shift pedal and skid plate it is all made right here in Florida. The wheels come from the best manufacturer in the industry: Buchana's in California.

We could not slap just any hardware on Harley-Davidson iconic Sportster. We had to do it right and collaborated with machine shops and hard workers from the homeland. In a time where most motorcycle manufacturers are going overseas to scale faster and get the price down, we went the other direction.

When we call a motorcycle Scrambler or Adventure bike we mean business. The ergonomics, the suspension down to the wheels and tires have been carefully tested and designed by pro riders. We listened to feedback and improved each part of the kit, so your ride is guaranteed to give you smiles for miles or your money back.

Happy 4th from all of us at Hugo Moto!



*the suspension is made in France by EMC

The World Tour's Grandma got 4th place In the '86 Baja 1000

Our friend Don at Vagabond Chopper recently put a new clutch on one of the World Tour. As I stopped by to pick it up, Don told me that he was going through a pile of old magazines he had in his shop and stumbled on the World Tour's grandma in a Cycle World from 1986.  The article was entitled "Harley's Comet: How a Sportster Finished 4th in the Baja 1000".  I texted the photo of the article to Christian who immediately commented  "Damn the guys had the peanut tank! Well-Made bike and ballsy riders!" One of the two main ballsy riders in question were Hollywood producer David Marcus Farrow and his good friend Jim Jackson a Hollywood stuntman.

Cycle World April 1987

Cycle World April 1987

Farrow the driving force behind the Harley is a man of manic intensity who lights up a room like a floodlamp...The Harley-Davidson was a natural outgrowth of Farrow two loves: racing in the desert in Baja and all things American.
— Cycle World 1987

I immediately went to work. I wanted to hear the story first hand; I already imagined myself picking up the phone asking a few questions and listening to the incredible stories this guy must have experienced back in the pre-GPS era roaming the Baja Peninsula at full speed on a Sporty!

Jackson is also thinking about a bike he calls the Baja Sport a dual purpose Harley-Davidson a la BMW R80 G/S, it would be a stock 883 or 1100 Sportster with subtle changes like a little more suspension travel at each end. I bet it could be made to sell for $6000!
— Cycle World 1987

Unfortunately, the scavenging web hunt came to a halt too soon. Right after I found this vintage American Motorcyclist article on Google archives, I landed on the Skagit Valley Herald obituary page. I paused to make sure this was the correct David Farrow, and although I had never met him I felt sad, we had a connection. I had missed the adventurer by a month. He had just passed away at his house in the Skagit Valley in Washington. 

When I said, adventurer, it might be an understatement, going through his bio I discovered that the Baja 1000 on a Sporty was just one of his many feats. He did it all from Airforce Mechanic to prospecting for gold and Uranium in Arizona and New Mexico ( we also had the land of enchantment in common!), he was an actor, a producer, and a motorcycle racer. He eventually became an avid pilot. 

Had I just decided to have the work done on the World Tour a couple of months earlier I might have had a taped interview of Farrow's incredible adventures. It is what it is, but I feel fortunate to have stumbled on this incredible story. 

Godspeed David Farrow and thanks for tackling the Baja 1000 with a Harley-Davidson Sportster. The World Tour is a proud descendant of the Comet!