What’s the best Sportster for my Hugo Moto build?

Our kits work exclusively on 2004+ rubber mounts as it offers the most comfort and versatility, we prefer the 4.5-gallon tank for extended range. If you prefer fuel injection, go with 2007 or newer.  We like the 1200 XL SuperLow, 1200 Custom and the new 1200 Iron as great donor. You can always take an 883 and put an S&S 1200 kits if you need more power. The gearing is slightly better for offroading on the 883. Our Fork Kit DOES NOT WORK WITH NIGHTSTER CX1200 because of its upside down fork.
ALSO, forward control has been an issue depeding on years. You will most likely need to get yourself a used OEM mid control pedal to work with our PRK. Luckily you can find these easeBay Ebay or just buy a donor bike with mids ( the most common).
Let us know if you want or have an upside-down fork and we will point you to our friends at Traxxion Dynamics to install a cartridge. ( Note that it is much more expensive than our fork kit and NOT INCLUDED in the kit).

What comes in my Hugo Moto kit?

It all depends on which kit and stage you choose. Please take a look at the different stages here.
Drop us a line if you have questions. We’re here to help.

Does the Hugo Moto kit work for taller riders?

It certainly does. Our Peg Relocation kit moves the footpegs back and downward into a very comfortable position, similar to that of a modern adventure bike. All but the tallest of riders can get comfortable with a taller seat and bar/riser combo.

What’s the seat height?

In general, a Hugo Moto kitted Sportster ranges from a 28” to 36” seat height. The low end of the spectrum would be the Scrambler set up with 14.5” shocks and a 17”/19” wheel combo. The tallest bike would be the HD2E with 17.5” shocks, 18”/21” wheels and a seat with thick foam. We can help you find the perfect balance between performance and a seat height that you’re comfortable with.

What’s the installation like?

While our kit completely bolt-on, we’d still recommend some wrenching experience. Basic hand tools are all that’s required. A pneumatic impact wrench is nice if doing a chain conversion. If you’re comfortable with changing wheels, suspension, exhaust, bleeding brake lines, etc., you’ll be fine. If not, bribe an experienced buddy with a 12-pack or find an independent shop to help you out. Just don’t let them out of sight with your new Hugo Moto bike, or you might not see it again!

When do I get my Hugo Moto kit?

Depending on which kit you order (stage 1, 2, 3), you’re looking at 2 to 6 weeks, depending on inventory and production schedule.

What's the shipping cost?

TBD, as it depends on where you live in the U.S. or abroad, We will get in touch with you to inform you about shipping cost as soon as possible.

Do you ship international?

We don't, but we can sell you a kit FOB from Tennessee. We can put you in touch with a logistic company if you need help. You pay for shipping and taxes that apply to your country. Contact us!

Can I cancel my order before I receive it?

Sorry, but no cancellations once you've pulled the trigger so please be sure you provide us with the correct model info. We run a tight ship and last-minute order changes can throw a real monkey wrench in our planning. That being said, we do our level best to make our customers happy so please contact us if you've ordered in error.   

Where do I get wheels?

Want tubeless steel spoke wheel rear 18" and 19" or 21" front? Check out KCint

Want the ultimate light aluminum adventure wheels? go fully custom with Kineo custom wheels

What more can you tell me about Hugo Moto kits?

Your Hugo Moto kitted Sportster will be one of the most fun bikes you’ve ever owned. Not only because you built it, but because of the experiences it will carry you to and through. Just be prepared to spend a lot of time at gas and lunch stops explaining how you built your giant Harley-Davidson dirt bike. You can tell you built it using a bolt-on kit manufactured in the USA or you can just leave 'em guessing!

What kind of tires should I get?

 We have a partnership with Kenda and think their tires are the best quality/price compromise on the market today. Here is a cheat sheet to help you make a decision.

Kenda tires chart

Kenda Tire Sizes