Peg Relocation Kit

The Hugo Moto Peg Relocation Kit is at the heart of every build kit we offer. It places your foot pegs, rear brake and shifter in a comfortable riding position that’s perfect for carving the twisties or playing in the dirt. It really ties the room together.

What’s in the Peg Relocation Kit?

Actually, a whole bunch of stuff! We thought about calling it the “Foot Peg / Brake Pedal / Shifter Relo plus Kick Stand plus Chain Tensioner Kit,” but that doesn’t exactly roll off of the tongue.

There are two Peg Relocation Kits; one for 2004 + Rubber Mount and one for 1994 – 2003 Solid Mount. The exploded view pictured is 2004+ version. The solid mount version attaches in a slightly different fashion, but both cost the same. The skid plate is not included, but it is designed to integrate seamlessly with both versions. Here’s what comes in the kit.



What comes with the Peg Relo Kit?

  • Quarter inch steel foot peg cradle assembly. This includes two brackets that clamp the assembly to the frame like a vice. It’s all expertly welded, and powder coated black right here in the USA.
  • Stainless steel MX-style footpegs
  • Complete shifter relocation assembly, including a CNC billet aluminum bracket and shifter.
  • Adjustable kickstand to compensate for a wide range of suspension and wheel sizes.
  • Built-in chain/belt tensioner. An absolute must when adding long-travel shocks.