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Moonshiner Josh & Hugo Moto Go Super Hooligan

Most ideas that come after hours of drinking shine in the wee hours of the night aren't going to be this good.
We were out in North Carolina to test out the Hugo World Tour kit, and I can never come to the Carolinas without sending out a "Heybuddy," text to my good friend Josh Owens. He said he had a lot going on but he would see if there was any way he could make it out to see us. A few hours later at almost 11pm, Josh's truck comes rumbling up the driveway and he pops out with a little Igloo cooler. You get three guesses what was in that cooler.
We had barely worked our way through the first jar and Josh and Jason are discussing their history of riding/ racing dirt bikes when I see a light go on above Nico from Hugo Moto's head. They had been working on a flat tracker kit, and hearing now that Josh was an exceptional rider-- it just clicked. Josh could ride the first ever Hugo Flat Tracker at Sturgis! 

Hugo Moto World Tour Kit: Walkaround
Video walkaround and engine noise on the Sportster enduro kit!

Do you remember being a kid and coming back from summer camp or a vacation and for the first few days back home, things just don't quite feel real? Like there was some magic energy that only existed in the place you just spent the last few days, and now that you're home it is like sand slipping through your fingers? I got back from the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee early yesterday morning and have just been looking through my pictures and videos wishing I was back since I walked in the door. The roads, the bikes, the people-- it was really a perfect weekend.

Hugo Moto Gets Dirty With American Iron on Revzilla/Common Tread

"Of course the idea is not new. Over the years, lots of "dual-Sportsters" have been built by garage hacks and talented customizers alike. Plenty of Common Tread readers were hoping an American company would produce a competent adventure bike, but instead Victory shut down and Harley has pulled back. Hugo Moto's plan is to enable Sportster owners to do it themselves with a a kit that draws on Christian's rally racing knowledge and converts a Sportster into what Hugo Moto claims to be a competent adventure motorcycle.
Having ridden quite a few of the current OEM scramblers and ADV bikes, with a few longer off-road rallies under my belt on my Tiger 800 XCx, I was skeptical. The idea of building a true off-road bike out of a Sportster doesn’t sound sensible to my mind. Nico argues that it does make sense for a world traveler."
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"Christian is the real deal. As a rider, he’s done more than 400 enduro and supermoto races, a few African rallies and the brutal 24-hour moto race in Brittany. He’s also an accomplished mechanical engineer and machinist with a MacGyver knack for finding simple solutions to complex problems. But of all the stories he’s shared with me, the one that most stands out is an epic story of survival in the Sahara Desert.
What started with my search for a part became much more as Christian and I became both friends and business partners, as founders of Hugo Moto Corp. But none of that would have happened if a Touareg nomad had not stopped for tea at just the right moment in the middle of the Sahara in 1987, because Christian would not be here."